BUFFALO Logistic Domestic Dispatch Service

BUFFALO Logistics Tracking Domestic Dispatch Service

BUFFALO Logistic Domestic dispatch service specializes in the local delivery of goods and packages to various destinations within South Africa. The company operates with different equipment to handle different types of cargo and transport goods of all sizes and weights. Our company’s warehouse facilities are strategically located in key cities and regions across South Africa to provide customers with convenient access to their goods and enable efficient distribution of goods to their customers. In case of any problem contact buffalo logistics whatsapp contact number 27813886570.

BUFFALO domestic has a huge logistics network that covers the whole region of South Africa and huge overseas warehouses all over the country to provide delivery services to customers all over South Africa. Customers can choose from door-to-door delivery service, Hub pick-up service, and other standard appointment pick-up services and enjoy a delivery rate of more than 99% and the most efficient time guarantee while covering the entire territory of South Africa.

Step-By-Step Process of Logistic Domestic Dispatch Service

BUFFALO logistics domestic service is based on 4 essential steps to deliver your parcels safely.

Step1: Online order 

Order Online is the first step of Buffalo domestic logistics for providing a seamless and efficient customer experience. This step involves verifying the order information, the placement, and the fulfillment of customer orders through an online website to ensure timely and accurate fulfillment in domestic delivery logistics. This involves receiving and checking for the availability of the products and initiating the packing process. In case of lost or damage you can contact buffalo courier whatsapp number south africa.

Step 2: Packing at Warehouse 

The next step is packing at the warehouse. This process involves receiving goods from our buffalo storage facility to pack the products securely and safely to ensure they arrive at their destination undamaged. This involves choosing the appropriate packaging materials, labeling the packages with the necessary information, such as the recipient’s name and address, and ensuring that the packages are sealed correctly. Closed and dispatched buffalo carefully.

Step 3: Transportation

After the packaging, the goods are transported to the delivery location. The process of BUFFALO domestic services involves the movement of goods from one city to another within South Africa via various transportation modes such as trucks, vans, or motorcycles, depending on the size and volume of the packages. When the parcels arrive at the delivery location facility At the delivery location, the packages are sorted to deliver to the address.

Step 4: Dispatching of orders 

This step involves preparing and delivering goods to their intended destination. This process involves various tasks such as order verification and shipment scheduling to effectively manage the dispatching buffalo logistics process timely and smoothly to the destinations. While Dispatching the order, the Delivery personnel verifies the delivery address, records the delivery status, and takes a signature from the recipient.

Advantages of Choosing BUFFALLO Logistic Domestic Dispatch Service

Here are some advantages to choosing BUFFALLO logistic domestic dispatch service:

Take Advantage Of our Efficient Services

BUFFALO’s domestic delivery service is known for its efficiency and reliability. We ensure you timely and efficient delivery with budget-friendly charges. In addition, the advanced tracking my parcel buffalo and monitoring technology make our system more effective and efficient in keeping tabs on every package, from the pick up to its delivery time, and it also allows us to identify and resolve any issues that may arise, such as delays or route changes. Buffalo logistics is the name of commitment to efficiency, speed, and technology to ensure that customers can rely on their domestic delivery service to deliver packages on time.

Budget-Friendly Domestic Service

BUFFALO domestic service offers an affordable and transparent pricing structure for customers; we do not apply any hidden fees or charges, and customers can easily calculate their delivery costs. Our delivery network is vast, with distribution centers, transportation hubs, and sorting facilities strategically located all over South Africa. Our domestic delivery service has various delivery options for parcels at different prices, so customers can choose the option that fits their needs and budget.

We optimize the delivery routes and processes, using advanced technology and analytics to minimize costs and maximize efficiency, which translates into lower of sending goods for customers. 

Stable and Reliable service

BUFFALO’s domestic delivery service is known for its stability and reliability, sending the packages on time and in good condition. Our company maintains stability through its skilled workforce and extensive network of distribution centers across South Africa. BUFFALO invests in technology and infrastructure to ensure system stability by tracking and monitoring the systems

Buffalo logistics’ stability and reliability make it a trusted and best choice for customers because our excellent customer service provides timely and accurate information about package delivery status, as well as flexible delivery options and easy-to-use tracking tools. 

Affordable Charges for Customers 

The BUFFALO Airline provides affordable charges for its customers for different weights.

  1. Billing mode: progressive billing for 500 grams within 10KG
  2. Measurement Cargo:6000Full

Coverage of the Whole Region 

Buffalo Airlines’ process does coverage from South Africa to other regions.

South Africa whole region, query the region Postcode Suburb.

Fast Delivery Time

The BUFFALO Airline Process’s delivery time is feasible for their customers. Here are the expected times of delivery:

  • Expected 5-15 days, Priority customs clearance, flight Daily.
  • Due to factors such as the destination and local holidays in South Africa, the delivery time will vary.
  • The specific time limit can be determined by customer service.

Delivery Information

  • Delivery time: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Delivery place: BUFFALO 1st Floor, Building A, No. 71, Huagang Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou. +8615068113703 (This contact information is only for delivery contact)


BUFFALO Domestic Dispatch Service is a logistics service that involves transporting goods and cargo within the South African region. This service includes freight transportation, warehousing, inventory management, and other related services.

BUFFALO Domestic Dispatch Service can transport many goods and cargo, including raw materials, finished products, consumer goods, and perishable items.

The dispatching terms for BUFFALO domestic service are as follows:

  • The goods will be delivered from Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Our staff will communicate with the receiver before the delivery of the parcel to confirm their availability.
  • If, in any case, the receiver doe not responds and receives the parcel within 7-14 days, we will return it to our overseas warehouse.
  • The warehouse will have 30 days for processing; otherwise, the package will be destroyed due to overdue processing.
  • We do not operate in some remote areas, so we offer a self-pickup service.

You can use the Track function and enter your tracking number to check the buffalo track status of your shipment.

in case you miss then he will either leave it with a neighbour or bring it to the nearest post office. if you did not receive within 7, it will be returned to BUFFALO after 7 working days.

Per kg the charges are 24 euros


BUFFALO logistic domestic service is one of the best local delivery services available in South Africa. With high-quality service for its customers, optimizing risk management, leveraging advanced technologies, and building strong partnerships with different stakeholders to enable them to quickly and efficiently move packages from one location to another and with efficient and reliable services that help their customers meet their business objectives.

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