Buffalo Logistics South Africa Tracking Service 2024

Buffalo Tracking Parcel Service

In May 2021, BUFFALO International Logistics launched BUFFALO Courier Tracking Service. Their goal was to support small and medium-sized business owners and build a detailed network of courier services across South Africa and Africa. You can track buffalo order and learn more about them on buffalo logistics website:https://buffaloex.co.za/

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    What is Buffalo International Logistics?

    Being a citizen of South Africa, you must have heard of the term Buffalo tracking South Africa logistics. Ever wondered what this logistics tracking company is about and how it works? You might have noticed that I mentioned buffalo courier South Africa instead of other countries. The reason behind this is that this company is related to South Africa. Visit official website www.buffalo logistics.co.za for more.

    Buffalo international Logistics Tracking is a well-known company that helps you to track your order coming from a foreign country like China, the USA, and other countries. It is one of the most popular companies that send products from one country to another. The following article contains all the details about this tracing company, its contact details, an honest review, and many other factors. Let us dig into the article and discover the features of this company. Headquarters of buffalo international logistics tracking are in Shanghai and Johannesburg.

    Small and Medium Businesses

    Buffalo, a tracking or courier company, was established in May 2021. The primary purpose of this company was to support small local businesses and make transporting materials easy across various countries. This company is known for making the buffalo delivery time of orders much easier between China and South Africa. Track your shipment with receivecity tracking service from our website.

    Their fast and punctual delivery choices, adaptable shipping options, and live tracking features ensure that the shipments are handled with care and delivered on time. BUFFALO Couriers offers specialized services for all deliveries to Takealot DCs in both JHB and CPT.  

    E-commerce Packages

    Buffalo also handles E-commerce packages. They understand the difficulties that an E-commerce business owner has to go through in order to grow their business. They understand how crucial reliable and efficient service is for the success of an online business. 

    With their logistics solutions, e-commerce business owners can count on fast and secure delivery of their parcels to their customers, ensuring that the customer receives their orders on time. 

    Their service and systems allow the owner to track shipments in real-time and stay updated on their status throughout the shipping process. They also offer competitive pricing and flexible delivery options, giving the owner the freedom to choose the best shipping method according to their specific needs and budget. 

    Important Features

    Buffalo Logistics international and South Africa both provide services that are beneficial for the customers and prioritize their needs which is the reason for its success. They constantly improve their services for their customers. Some of the main services are following:

    Real Time Tracking

    Both International and South Africa logistics have real time tracking. If you are sending something through this logistics you get an online portal where you can create the order. You can choose if you want the parcel to be collected by the receiver or if you want to deliver it directly at a location. You can then track the package while it is getting shipped and you also get the proof of delivery on that online portal. 

    Oversea Warehouse

    Moreover, buffalo china warehouse Guangzhou in both cities. Although this company is one of the latest established tracking companies, it has become the most famous company in South Africa because of its services. The company has been expanding its services to other parts of Africa. It keeps you updated regarding your order from when it leaves the buffalo airport warehouse until it is delivered.

    These warehouses have extensive storage facilities which cover 35,000 square meters, providing clients with tailored cross-border e-commerce warehousing and distribution services.

    Online Wallet System

    The South Africa Buffalo Couriers provides a very user-friendly online Wallet system. In this Wallet the funds are pre-loaded and updated in real-time as shipments are processed. 

    Clients can control their budget, and the system also alerts the client when the credit in the Wallet is about to end and recharge is needed. Payments to the Wallet can be made through EFT or by using a credit card.

    Clearance Service

    Buffalo International Logistics offers large sales of customs clearance services to clients. It also ensures a smooth import and export process while minimizing any risks and complications that you can face during the transfer process. 

    Their dedicated team of customs clearance experts have the in-depth knowledge and more than enough experience to deliver personalized solutions tailored according to each client’s needs. This adds significant value to their services if compared with other available options in the market.

    How to Track Parcel ?

    You can easily track buffalo package, Buffalo Logistics Tracking Parcel Service from our website. Just to enter your buffalo tracking number South Africa. Buffalo international logistics services provides four different services Airline shipment, Sealine shipment, and Overseas and Domestic logistics tracking. Each service provides a unique tracking number to customers. Which helps them to track buffalo parcel or order, So, here are some steps you can follow for buffalo couriers tracking. Clearance finished at Buffalo, ensuring smooth traffic flow. By following below steps you can check buffalo tracking status as well. In case of any problem you can contact buffalo tracking whatsapp number 27813886570.

    Buffalo Logistics Steps

    Step-By-Step Process Buffalo Logistics Parcel Tracking Services

    • First of all, check your tracking number.
    • Open the website https://buffalotracking.net/
    • After that, write your tracking number in the search box.
    • Click Track and wait for some seconds.
    • You will get the result in the same window.
    Steps of buffalo logistics parcel tracking

    How To Track Transport Within South Africa?

    If you are transporting something within South Africa you will get the status update through SMS. You will also be in contact with the delivery guy and you can tell him the location and other details through a phone call. 

    You will also receive the tracking number that you can use to track the live location of by using the company‚Äôs application or by putting that number on the official website. 

    Support System

    They give you one of the best supporting systems. On the official website you get the option to chat with a live agent who will assist you according to your need. 

    You also get the support system for tracking, shipping, packing and supplying. 

    Contact Details

    If you are seeking help from the tracking company, you can contact the service provider 1st Floor, Building A, No. 71, Huagang Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou via various platforms. The following are the details of the location and contact of Buffaloex company in both cities. Buffalo international logistics contact number johannesburg and Guangzhou. You can contact customer service and solve your problem.

    South-East China Warehouse

    Location: 1st Floor, Building A, No. 71, Huagang Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou
    Contact number: +8615068113703

    Buffalo Warehouse South Africa

    Location: Unit 3 106 Loper Avenue, Spartan X2, Kempton Park, 1619. Johannesburg
    Contact number: +27105934710 or +270870953451

    Corporate Office Address
    Buffalo International Logistics

    Location: The left side of floor 1, building 15, Asia Industrial Park, Shenzhen, Longgang 518100, China
    Client Consultation Contact Number: +86-400-921-9066
    WhatsApp Contact Number: +27813886570
    Email: [email protected]
    Website: www.buffaloex.com

    Services of Buffalo international Logistics Tracking

    Buffalo International Logistics Shipping

    As I mentioned, the company has also expanded its services in other countries. Buffalo shipping from china to south africa. The most prominent countries are the USA, Canada, and the UK. Buffalo international Logistics ships orders in various countries and allows you to track your order. The most significant factor in international shipping is that the seller must provide a specific tracking number of your order to allow you to track your order until delivered. Most common question is does buffalo deliver on weekends so the answer is No.

    This company is less prevalent in other countries than other tracking companies. As a newly established company, it is working on improving its services. Therefore, many other companies provide a better service than it and are more famous. Check your VAT on International Shipping from Online VAT Calculator South Africa. Contact on Buffalo logistics whatsapp number South Africa for further information.

    Buffalo Logistics Tracking Number For SHEIN Products

    If you live in an area where Buffalo tracking Logistics provides its services, and looking for buffalo international tracking shein. You can track any order to find out when it will be delivered. The same is the case with orders from SHEIN buffalo tracking. You can track your SHEIN order at buffalo customs shein by simply putting your tracking number on the website, and you will know the exact location of your order. You can contact on buffalo logistics shein contact number south africa +27813886570 for further information.

    Moreover, you can use different methods for buffalo logistics shein tracking south Africa to track your order, including buffalo whatsapp number johannesburg, email, website, app, etc. the most suitable and convenient method is the website. Contact the company at the provided phone numbers if you need customs service. However buffalo international tracking parcel method is easy by using our website. Track shein order buffalo from our website. Buffalo shein tracking steps south africa are same as general. you Might bear shein buffalo tax to use this service.


    Most tracking and shipping companies do not provide their services on the weekends and public holidays. The same is the case with Buffalo international logistics because it does not deliver on the weekends and public holidays.

    If you live in South Africa and are looking for the best tracking and shipping company, look for none other than Buffalo Logistics. Although it is a newly established company, its services have gained popularity. You can quickly receive an order from a foreign country within a few days.

    Though you can contact through buffalo tracking contact number, and different platforms, its website and app are the easiest ways to track your order. You must copy your order’s tracking number, open the website, and add the number in the required field. The details, including your order’s status and location, will appear on the screen within a few seconds.

    The standard delivery time of this company is around three to four days, but the delivery time may vary concerning weekends and public holidays. Furthermore, this delivery duration depends on the country you ordered the package from. Maximum 5 working days.

    You can contact buffalo logistics track parcel whatsapp contact number  27813886570 and website buffaloex.co.za.

    Monday to Saturday, between 8:00 AM and 5:00 PM

    Yes it does on Saturday but it buffalo logistics delivery hours are closed on Sunday.

    Headquarter is located in Shanghai, and in African buffalo logistics johannesburg is the location.

    Buffalo Couriers offer a convenient online Wallet system, Payments to the wallet can be done via EFT of via credit card.

    If the order status shows ‘in transit,’ the package is expected to be delivered within 1-5 days. Delivery times may vary depending on the recipient’s address.

    (QR) codes are attached to parcels. Scanners read these codes at various checkpoints along the delivery route, updating the system with location and status data.

    With the AfterPay or Riverty App you can pay online for buffalo logistics securely and very easily from your smartphone.

    No you dont need to pay to shein

    It deliver only on Saturday, but Sunday is close.

    No, it does not deliver on sundays.

    Buffalo delivery time is between 8 to 5pm.

    Buffalo’s overseas warehouses are located throughout South Africa.


    It is usually very challenging to order something from a foreign country. Buffalo logistic tracking tracking order has made this task much more accessible in South Africa and China because of its exceptional services. Every tracking company has some flaws, but being a newly established company, Buffalo has minor flaws that the company has been working on improving. I recommend using the tracking company if you are from South Africa because it helps to keep a check on your order. For more detail, you can check the official website of buffalo. Buffalo track parcel is easy way to tract your order.