Buffalo Logistics International Airline Service

Buffalo Logistics International Airline Service

The business aspect of a logistics company involves multiple processes related to managing its operations, maximizing profits, and providing value to its customers.  Buffalo logistics International Airline service manages your expenses by optimizing the routes, providing excellent customer service, and offering real-time tracking and visibility for shipments to maintain accurate inventory records and respond quickly to customer inquiries and issues. 

BUFFALO international service aims to create a new professional custom clearance, stable and trackable delivery service with its domestic solid network collection, and the integration of BUFFALO’s local high-quality customs clearance and delivery resources.

Buffalo Tracking Logistics engages in business development to stay ahead of the competition and uses digital platforms to communicate with their customers, allowing them to track shipments in real time. As a result, we continually improve our service to high-quality services.


Buffalo International services have launched an Airline bulk service to supply parcels cross-border delivery with more than 20 kg of weight by covering the over territory of South Africa. Our airline bulk transportation service does efficient loading and unloading procedures. In addition, it offers solutions for handling specific types of bulk goods, such as food-grade products, hazardous materials, or oversized items. 

Buffalo international

International Air Transport

BUFFALO international air transport Tracking services provides the most secure and comprehensive link-type services to ensure the safety of the goods and time stability. They also provide inventory buffalo freight management and warehousing services to ensure the timely and secure delivery of bulk goods. Overall, Buffalo logistics can provide reliable and efficient support for the transportation of bulk goods.

Step-By-Step Process of BUFFALO Tracking Logistics International Airline Services 

BUFFALO international tracking logistics International Airline Services is based on 6 essential steps to deliver your parcels safely.

Step 1: Order Online

Order Online is the first step of Buffalo tracking Process for logistic services. The process involves placing and fulfilling customer orders through an online website.  Order Online is essential for providing a seamless and efficient customer experience, ensuring timely and accurate fulfillment of orders, and maintaining transparency and accuracy in the movement of goods through the supply chain.

Step 2: Collection Warehouse

The next step is the Collection Warehouse process, which receives goods from our buffalo storage facility. Various tasks are performed, such as Confirmation of parcel declaration information, packing, labeling, and shipping. We ensure the Effective management of the Collection on Warehouse process with timely and accurate fulfillment of customer orders.

Step 3: Customs Declaration

The Customs Declaration process is one of the most important processes of the buffalo tracking logistic services, which involves a Custom Security Check, the submission of a formal document to customs authorities that details the nature, quantity, and value of goods. At the same time, the cross-border delivery custom declaration is essential to ensure the assessment and payment of any applicable taxes, duties, or fees to avoid delays and penalties and maintain transparency and accuracy for our services.

Step 4: International Transportation

The Buffalo International transportation process involves the movement of goods from South Africa to other countries or regions via Air Transportation. This process involves the loading of parcels and documentation management. 

Step 5: Customs Clearance

The Customs Clearance process involves the African domestic clearing, inspection, documentation, and release of goods by paying the Custom Tax to authorities before shipping. This process is essential for ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and laws, as well as the assessment and payment of any applicable taxes, duties, or fees. 

Step 6: Dispatch

The Dispatch process involves preparing and delivering goods to their intended destination. Before door-signed delivery, the parcel involves various tasks such as order verification and shipment scheduling to effectively manage the Dispatch process timely and accurately to destinations.

Reasons to Choose BUFFALO Tracking Logistics International Airline Services

Here are reasons to choose the BUFFALO international logistics airline services: 

Get the Efficient Logistics services 

Buffalo international Logistics is a well-designed logistics service that provides high-quality services to customers by minimizing the time and cost of transportation by applying effective inventory management strategies and timely delivery of goods. In addition, we utilize real-time shipment tracking and data analytics technologies to optimize their operations, reduce errors and delays, and improve customer service.

Stable and Skilled Service 

The team BUFFALO international logistics has a skilled workforce to handle logistics challenges and provide quality customer service. The robust network of reliable carriers and partners ensure that the company has access to the necessary resources to manage transportation operations smoothly. In addition, our team works with advanced technologies, streamlined workflows, and effective communication, making logistics service performance stable and consistent. As a result, BUFFALO logistics provides a stable and reliable service that meets the needs of its customers and supports their long-term growth and success.

Get advantage of a Low Inspection Rate

BUFFALO international Airline Process offers a low inspection rate and uses advanced screening and tracking technologies to identify and address potential issues. Additionally, BUFFALO logistics has established strong relationships with relevant authorities and customs agents, which help minimize the inspections and provide efficient and reliable logistics services that help their customers meet their business objectives.

Affordable Charges for Customers 

The BUFFALO Airline provides affordable charges for its customers for different weights.

  1. Billing mode: progressive billing for 500 grams within 10KG
  2. Measurement Cargo:6000Full

Coverage of the Whole Region 

Buffalo Airlines’ process does coverage from South Africa to other regions.

South Africa whole region, query the region Postcode Suburb.

Fast Delivery Time

The BUFFALO Airline Process’s delivery time is feasible for their customers. Here are the expected times of delivery:

  • Expected 5-15 days, Priority customs clearance, flight Daily.
  • Due to factors such as the destination and local holidays in South Africa, the delivery time will vary.
  • The specific time limit can be determined by customer service.

Delivery Information

  • Delivery time: Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
  • Delivery place: BUFFALO 1st Floor, Building A, No. 71, Huagang Avenue, Huadu District, Guangzhou. +8615068113703 (This contact information is only for delivery contact)

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Several products are forbidden to send via BUFFALO Airline Process, including electricity, mobile power, infringing brand products, knives, weapons, drugs, flammable and explosive substances, cosmetics, drugs, powders, liquids, dangerous goods, and other aviation contraband.

Moreover, It is also forbidden to put any price tag, invoice, etc., inside the goods because it will generate extra tax other than the Corresponding handling fees. If anything is not clear, then you can contact us for further consultation. 

If the customer chooses the sender to pay the tax for the parcel, then BUFFALO logistics will receive 50% of the declared value in advance. After the specific customs clearance tax bill is generated, we will refund most of the amount and some amount will be deducted.

*During the customs inspection, customers are obliged to cooperate with us to provide the relevant documents required to send the goods. Whether the tariff is generated and the amount of tariff depends on the items sent and the relevant customs policies and regulations. Our company also reserves the right to make additional deductions according to the custom tax bills.

  • Monday to Sunday from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm.
  • Before delivery, our staff will communicate with you by phone for delivery. If a person does not respond within 7-14 days, then we will return the parcel to an overseas warehouse after no relevant processing.
  • After arriving at the overseas warehouse, the processing time is 30 days. If you are overdue for processing, the package will be destroyed by default. 
  • Self-pickup: For remote areas, we offer a self-pick-up service for them.
  • Redispatch/re-dispatch: if you want us to dispatch the item, we will charge some extra fees according to the actual situation.

Buffalo Couriers offer a convenient online Wallet system, the Wallet is pre-loaded, and will update live as shipments are prepared. Our client is in full control of their budget, and the system will notify the client when Wallet top up is required. Payments to the wallet can be done via EFT of via credit card.

Yes it does, customer can select standard door to door delivery, buffalo logistics has comprehensive warehouse in south Africa and China.


BUFFALO logistics is one of the outstanding services. Our logistics service provides High-quality customer care by optimizing risk management, leveraging advanced technologies, and building strong partnerships with different stakeholders to provide efficient and reliable services that help their customers meet their business objectives.

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