How to find buffalo tracking number

How To Find Buffalo Tracking Number? (Excellent Guide)

Many shipping companies use specific barcodes and tracking systems to facilitate the customers in various ways. The same is the case with this company. It provides a certain tracking number to the customers on their email. One feature that differentiates Buffalo’s tracking number from others is that its tracking number includes a combination of letters and numbers.

Moreover, you can find buffalo tracking number but these numbers vary with the country you ordered the package from. You can use the tracking number to update yourself with the status and location of your order. This company’s standard delivery time is three to four days, so your order might be delivered in a few days. It might take fewer or more days than the standard because of weekends, public holidays, or sudden incidents.

What To Do If You Don’t Find Buffalo Tracking Number?

You must know that you can track your order only when you have the tracking number. This procedure is restricted to this company, and most shipping companies have the same policies. If you haven’t received a tracking number from the seller, you must contact them and ask for the tracking number. You can follow the same procedure if you lose the tracking number and can’t find the mail. This is going to easy to find buffalo tracking number using our website.

Solving The Tracking Issues

As I stated earlier, this company’s standard delivery time is around three to four days. This time duration varies according to different situations. In other words, various factors can affect the shipping duration of your order. Traffic delayed airport flights, customs, and many factors can cause a delay in your package’s arrival. In that case, you should contact the company’s customer care and seek help from the service providers. lets discuss more how to Find Buffalo Tracking Number

Apart from the delay in the order’s delivery, other factors affect the tracking company’s service. Every tracking company has some flaws. The same is the case with Buffalo Tracking. Although it is one of the best shipping service providers in South Africa, its services might be affected due to various factors. In rare cases, the package gets lost, but you don’t have to panic. to find buffalo tracking number you can contact the company and try to solve the shipping issues.

Buffalo Logistics Tracking Status

This logistics tracking company contains a total of nine order status stages. The following are the details of each status. Find buffalo tracking number by following steps.

Order Confirmed

The very first stage of the order status initiates when your order confirms. In other words, when the seller confirms your order, the first order status is completed.

Enter Warehouse

Then comes the next step, where your order reaches the warehouse of the selling country, China. After your order is completely ready by the seller, it is sent to the warehouse of the shipping address for further procedures.

Out Of Warehouse

This step initiates when your order leaves the warehouse and is on its way to clearance. In short, this step completes when your order is on the way to the airport.


On reaching the airport in China, the order goes under the clearance procedure to declare it safe to carry in the plane. Once cleared, it is sent to the specific plane going to Johannesburg, South Africa.

Air Shipping

Air shipping is the duration in which your order leaves China and is on its way to South Africa. Some tracking companies also use the term transit for air shipping.

At Destination

As clear from its name, this status updates when the package reaches South Africa. It is then ready to reach the Johannesburg warehouse of the company.


When the order reaches the headquarters and the company’s warehouse, this stage of the order status completes.


Every person is excited about the second last step when your order is out for delivery. The partner courier company, in collaboration with the tracking company, dispatches your package and sends it out for delivery through a rider.

Client Received

The order status ends when your order arrives at its final destination. Once the client receives the package, the order status completes all its nine mandatory steps.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Find your tracking code
  • Check out our website to track your order
  • Enter your tracking code and press Track
  • You will get your tracking report in no time

You have to contact buffalo tracking via email or telephone to get your tracking number. After that, you can track the parcel from our website.

It takes almost three to four days to deliver a parcel or order.

When an order or parcel has been packed and handed over to our delivery company, then the status will be “dispatched”.

You can find your parcal from our website to enter your tracking number

You can contact on this number 27813886570

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